Ti Leaf, Hawaii Tropical Flower Council

About Us

HTFC is a passionate non-profit serving the tropical flower community.

The HTFC is your source for information on the marketing, design, availability, handling, and storage of Hawaii’s incomparable tropicals. We also sponsor research in crop development and shipping methods to help Hawaii maintain it’s status as the foremost supplier of exceptional tropical floral products. Using advanced horticultural techniques, 690 growers on 1,910 acres and in more than 27.6 million square feet of greenhouses and artificial shade support Hawaii’s nearly $70 million floral and nursery industry.

A statewide association of growers, shippers, corporations and individual proprietors, the Hawai`i Tropical Flower Council directs promotion and supports research of Hawaii’s tropical flower industry. Each of the state’s major flower commodity groups (anthuriums, orchids, proteas, and tropicals) is represented on the council’s board of directors, which meets monthly.

Our Mission

To serve as a non-profit Hawaii Corporation to promote for its members and other producers any and all tropical floriculture grown in the State of Hawaii, and for all other purposes as allowed by applicable laws.