Once you’ve chosen the flowers for your tropical flower arrangement, gather your container and tools — floral shears, floral tape, flower frogs, oasis and flower food.

Although their dramatic shapes and sizes look beautiful if just placed in a tall vase, tropical flowers encourage creativity. You can experiment with different containers, sizes, and placement When selecting a vase that will help show off your beautiful selection and highlight their colors, graceful silhouettes, or ebullient blossoms, take into account the flowers you have chosen. Consider their proportion, balance, and color.

Examining the size of the arrangement and materials and the length of the stems can help you to decide whether to select a tall cylinder shape, a square, or a short fat, shape to create more original displays. Emphasize long stemmed flowers with a vase that is long and lean. Accommodate lots of or very large flowers by using a vase with a wide opening. Vase color can be selected to complement or add contrast to the flowers.

A plain glass vase gives tropical flower arrangements a clear and fresh appearance. When using a clear vase the stems of the flowers should be arranged to continue the interesting lines of the outer design. Clear glass beads, pebbles or flower frogs can be used to keep flowers in place. If oasis is used with a clear vase, cover it with ti leaves or some other foliage.

To continue the tropical motif, you may also consider other kinds of vases like ceramic and wooden vases or use bottles or buckets covered with ti leaves, paper or printed fabric.

Metal vases are also an option, however, because of the long life of tropical flowers, you should line metal vases to prevent them from rusting.

Look beyond the standard vase or Asian style tray and consider bowls, pictures, glass tubes and even antique or porous clay), line it with a piece of plastic wrap, insert a plastic container to hold the water.

Modern Designers also use tubes to allow for suspension of flowers above the vase or in a mass of vines with no vase at all. Such arrangements are very exciting and attract lots of attention.