Your Hawaii grown flowers are the best in the world. Flowers are cut farm fresh, professionally packed for shipment and should arrive in excellent condition.

To ensure you get the maximum life and enjoyment from your tropical bouquets unpack them immediately. Prepare buckets of water before removing flowers from their box or to stand in while arranging. If properly handled Hawaii grown topical Flowers can last for weeks.

  1. Cut one-fourth to one inch from each stem. Cutting stems under water helps prevent bubbles from forming inside the stems.
  2. Select your vase and determine the arrangement style.
  3. Place arranged flowers in at least 4 inches of water at room temperature. To restore plant cells and extend vase life, add flower food to the water.
  4. Always make sure your flowers have plenty of water. Tropical flowers typically need lots of water. Misting flowers daily will also help to extend vase life and keep a fresh appearance.
  5. Change flower water and trim flower stems every few days.
  6. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and breezy areas. Do not refrigerate. Tropical flowers will do best at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.