Fresh flowers have the ability to make a room beautiful and stylish. Floral art is an ever-changing design field that is determined by the uniqueness, creativity and sensitivity with which flowers and foliage are combined. Hawaii’s tropical flowers are unusual and can be used alone to create dramatic, modern and Asian style arrangements or they can be mixed with traditional flowers to create European style arrangements.

Nothing is more breathtaking, vibrant, and exquisite, bringing a splash of color and an atmosphere of joy to any room or display. When combined with more common flowers in massed arrangements, tropicals can be used to update or add interest to traditional floral designs. Their bold color and basic line, shape and form add a visually impressive fundamental element that complements today’s modern minimalist and high style design trends.

Start by preparing tropical flowers so they’ll last their longest. Immerse gingers and heliconia flowers (except fuzzy-type protea and cymbidium orchids –immerse only stems) in cool water for 15 minutes to an hour before arranging them. Cut ½ inch off from end of stems on an angle to insure water is drawn into the entire stem to help keep flowers moist and water fresh. Remove any foliage that falls below the waterline.

Fill the vase with fresh, room-temperature water, and add a commercial cut-flower food. (Adding a teaspoon of liquid bleach to the water will help prevent bacterial bloom.)
Cluster the flowers in a bunch in your hand, keeping stems upright, and place them in the vase. Pull flowers out and trim a bit here and there until you have a pleasing shape. For a more planned arrangement, place the stems one at a time and arrange according to height, type or color.

Every two-three days, change the water, add a sprinkle of flower food, and clip stems ½ inch. This allows water back into the stem to hydrate the flowers and improve longevity. You can get artistic and experiment with different containers, sizing, and placement to create a fresh new look each time.